10 Strange Facts About – Lanzarote

The Canary Islands are located off the northwestern coast of Africa between Western Sahara and Morocco. The islands are one of the most popular destinations in the Lanzarote world, mainly due to the subtropical climate, but also due to the pristine beaches and beautiful tropical landscapes. You can expect long warm summers and winters.

Tenerife is for the holiday-maker that may’t relax and must be exploring the outdoors!

Tenerife is the largest of the islands so you will never be short of things to do. It’s strongly influenced by the tribal culture of the Guanches, the original inhabitants of the island, which makes it interesting for those wanting to find out more about the history of the island and experience its strong culture. It’s home to Mount Teide, Spain’s tallest peak, which makes this place a dream for outdoor adventurists. Many people also flock to Loro Park to see the various tropical birds and also to the Zoo Monkey Park as part of their daily excursions, which is a great day out.

If it’s action packed water parks you want, Siam Park is a Thai themed water park which has already established itself as among the best in the world. You can decide to lay back and relax on the lazy river or get a fast-paced adrenaline hit on any one of the other 28 rides the park has to offer.

Lanzarote is for the fussy holiday maker that wants variety on their break away!Lanzarote

Best for: seeing the Canary Islands’ volcanic landscapes and beach lovers

Another top spot to go is the underground entertainment complex of Jameos Del Agua – a product of famous local artist César Manrique – it’s built with cafés, restaurants and shops underneath a tropical island beach; the person who built it wanted to celebrate the beauty of this island.

With the all year warm weather and spectacular beaches, it really is an island for everyone.

Gran Canaria is for the beach lover or sun worshiper!

People typically discuss Gran Canaria and its beaches; it has many beaches that stretch for miles along the coast. You will find beaches like Mogan that face onto picturesque villages or beaches like Anfi del Mar that are covered in white sand and are great for the water-sport-mad-other-half that’s with you.

There are other activities in Gran Canaria that you can try your hand at but as it’s known mostly for being home to the best beaches in the Canaries, it’s a must see if you would like to work on that all-important tan.

Fuerteventura is for the disco queens or kings and late night party person!

Like Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura is well known for its beaches as there are 150 of them! Alongside that, the nightlife here is second to none. From quirky seaside carnivals so some top class night clubs, there is so much that you can enjoy.

All the bars and restaurants here cater for the holiday-makers that are looking to stay out that little bit later so a great spot to visit if that’s what you’re looking for.

3 Things You Must Know To Travel To China

A vacation to China can be thrilling and eye-opening. Culture, good manners, and social ideas may be quite different from your very own.
Seems there before during the years that my wife and I romped around China on a budget. We were focusing on a teacher’s salary in a poor province, so getting frugal was not just practical, it was necessary!
It is necessary to remove your shoes before entering many homes or temples. But it is an individual thing. Chinese follow different household customs. If they want you to remove your sneakers, don’t worry that your feet are less than presentable. Your hosts are probably even more offended by shoes put on inside than by a pit in your socks. You can ask the host about whether you should remove your shoes since in many homes, people don’t.
Nevertheless , it is also rude to show underneath of your feet or your soles to others. So when you sit and cross your legs, try to point your foot at a spot where there are no Chinese present. If they move around, you might need to keep moving your feet nimbly and quickly. Keep attentive!
I really could spend hours talking about the various ways you can pinch a penny in your travels but instead We’ve compiled the Top 5 Ways to Travel China on a Budget for you here.
I always keep one change of clothes and a toothbrush in my carry-on just in case I get delayed overnight. This also helps in case my suitcases gets lost, which has not happened to me yet in China but I’ve heard has happened with other travelers.
People from some ” warm areas” such as Southeast Asian countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Sydney and the list could end up being much longer, prefer to visit several cold areas in China, in a hope to feel the cold and touch the snow. Below is a list of the top destinations and actions for travelers from the scorching areas.
This helps explains the seeming Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” contradiction that many foreigners have got of the Chinese: One minute their particular exceedingly gracious Chinese host insists on walking them to the bus station….. as well as the next minute, a pushy stranger has elbowed them out of the way (without even offering a non-verbal sorry”).
I’m not saying that you ought to skip the Chinese capital of Beijing, just no longer linger. Lodging, food and activities all costs a lot less once you get out of the big cities and I would believe you’ll have an opportunity to see the genuine China” instead of the touristy China”.
Next to skiing at Xuexiang Ski Resort, Xuexiang Village also provides a wide range of snow activities such as alpine sleigh trips, horse driven sledges, snow carved city, snow maize, snow bar, snow picture taking and so on. If you are lucky, you can happen to watch the snow skiing performances by the August First Army Skiing Team
There is certainly one surefire way in order to save an incredible amount of money while traveling in China: ditch the plane and take a China train!
Maps: if you’re traveling to any of the major cities in China I recommend downloading some free subway maps for Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong – all of these are free! In any case, many people don’t realize that your phone still has GPS capabilities even if you don’t have a SIM card. Just use the indigenous maps program while linked to wifi and track your progress while you travel.
If your travel to China includes meeting individuals, either for business or personal reasons, you may consider travelling with gifts you can hand out. Appropriate gifts at appropriate times might be useful in building relationships and make Chinese happy.
Shanghai in china is China’s largest city, and some would say must be visited for its significance. Right now there aren’t many world-class tourist sights, and it could be performe across the country in a day. Make sure you see the colonial and sky-rise architecture from the Bund, and take the Maglev to/from the airport. Shanghai is a convenient city to arrive at or leave from.
Should you have more than 8 days for your first trip, you may consider the following cities:
Snowbirds, or travelers from cold areas” like European countries, when planning their China’s winter tour, they would like to visit some warm areas to bask in sunshine. We list a few warmer places in China in winter for you to plan your winter trip to China.
Whilst gift baskets of plants and fruit are common in the U. S., specific types of flowers and fruits are considered unlucky or inappropriate in China It is advisable to avoid these altogether or learn about the special meanings of flowers and fruits to know what to give accurately. Have a tendency give bad smelling flowers, and cut flowers needs to be avoided as well.
General public displays of affection are frowned upon. Do not back slap, hug or put your arm around they’ve shoulder, which will make a Chinese feel uncomfortable, since they usually do not like to be touched simply by strangers. Of course you can do so if you are familiar with each other.
Sun time: 7: 30 pm hours in spring and autumn; 8: 00 pm in summer
China’s west and extreme north could almost be considered since different countries for visiting separately. The Muslim southwest, and Inner Mongolia are certainly not recommended for a first check out, as they are not representative of China, and travel, climatic, and other conditions are harsher than places recommended over.
Exchange Money Wisely
When travelling through more rural regions I often found the trough style” toilet, which is kind of like a squat toilet except a lot messier. Basically, it’s a slanted trough with water running down, sometimes there are dividers but these don’t do much for privacy whenever they are only about a meter high, and not all stalls possess doors… And that’s another thing that shocked me; sometimes even when bathroom stall did have got doors, the women didn’t close them! Quite startling to walk into.
My recommendation for most people is to attempt to buy some RMB (renminbi) if possible before you occur – enough to just get you to your hotel. Once at the hotel you can usually exchange cash for a reasonable price or – and this is exactly what I recommend most often – you can just use your personal debit card to get money from a Chinese CREDIT. Your bank will probably charge you a small fee but the exchange rate won’t be as poor as the airport.
Winter season low season: All but Hk above can feel quite cold in the winter. Whether to come in winter is a trade off between cheaper rates and warmth.
In winter, travelers from European countries in particular, would like to fly to southeast Asian countries to escape the cold weather in their home countries and bask in sunlight.
The Silk Road includes the Muslim areas of China’s northwwest:
Request Locals where to Eat
Here’s the catch: because pick-pocketing is common place all across China, you don’t want to be transporting too much cash with you at any one time. So how perform you balance not transporting too much cash with staying away from bank fees?
Possibly the biggest faux pas you can make at the table is to stick your chopsticks straight up in your rice (bad good fortune because it resembles incense stay offerings to the dead).
Personal transport and guides with good English offer comfort, flexibility, hassle elimination, and insights that you don’t get only or in a group. Always read How to Make the Most of the Tour Guide
Don’t be surprised if your host puts some food on your plate (a way of honoring you with the choicest morsels).
Please bring your bowl up to your mouth, slurp or even burp loudly if you’re therefore inclined. Live a little!
Force to the Front
Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai Introductory Tour
Your accommodation is paid for together with a decent salary.
Provides a home base for cheap weekend trips.
Like in Western cultures, alcohol is definitely a big part of the dining knowledge. I personally think that China – like many Asian cultures – go a bit overboard. There’s an almost college mentality at work: The more your guests drink, the better (and if they don’t want to, we’ll team peer pressure them! ). I think a big reason is that Asian cultures often be less expressive and more formal-getting wasted along with your new friend is not only a bonding experience, but is the only way that a few feel comfortable enough to allow their hair down and just rest.
Wait for host to make the first toast before drinking. But speed yourself, because afterwards, everyone takes turns making toasts (a seemingly never-ending round of toasts). You’ll notice that every time your glass gets close to being empty, somebody will have already filled up.

Can You Travel To India Like A True Champ? These Three Tips Will Help You Get The Most Out Of It

Backpacking in India
Travelling with children may appear daunting at first, but here Editor of 101 Family Holidays William Gray tells us about his journey to India with his two nine-year old twins, and why sometimes venturing out of your comfort zone can result in a truly unforgettable family experience…
Here are a few insights into subjects that seem to emerge as matter of concern –
The colours, smells, and experiences are a true assault on the senses, so be prepared for this. Indians as a whole are extremely family-oriented people, so the national country is very family-friendly as a result. People will be happy to help you, and will no doubt rotten spoilt your little ones, putting a smile on their faces. This is a destination that your children won’t forget, and the bright colours and noise will make it totally different from anywhere else they’ve been before.
When to go: India’s climate varies massively and the time of year you are free to travel should definitely effect where you decide to go – you would be mad, for example, in June or July or in Ladakh in February to be in Rajasthan.
You have a few options on how to visit India, as well as ways to get around. If you want to travel over a huge area trains are your best option then. You might have the image of a seriously packed carriage in your mind, but rail travel has come then a long way since, and you will find comfortable and roomy carriages now, which need to be booked in advance, so a little pre-planning is needed here.
Find out places to visit at your desired destination:
One of the paradises among the travel destinations is the Cherai beach where one can people coming in from various places in and around India. Situated in the Vypin Islands and located around 34 kms from Kochi, Kerala this place has amazingly blue waters to enjoy and the yellow sands for a great sun bath. This is a must see picnic and honeymoon spot for the travellers who want to have some refreshing time from the hustle bustle of everyday life style. so stick to mineral water bottles or boiled water! Water purifying tablets are also a good idea, especially for trekkers who might to re-fill at streams!
Everything else: Very rarely are prices fixes or fair in India, you need to haggle almost all of the right time as everyone is trying to rip you off.
Let’s wind this up! Now you have your visa to visit India on your passport, you have bought your tickets to India and your accommodation and places to visit have been sorted out. All you have to do is just fly to India, get to your hotel and start seeing India. Simple as that!
Else, access to cabs and auto rickshaws is easy based on the distance and your budget. Trains are a great way of seeing the Indian cultural and physical topography! you are in India Enjoy the most of what India has to offer. As I said earlier, you might find the place slightly hot in the summer or little over crowded or the food too spicy but that’s India for you. Here’s a list of things you are going to hate about India and here’s yet another list why you will love India I hope this how to travel to India guide has been useful.. Feel free to ask any relevant questions and I will get back to you.
I encourage all visitors to understand that more than 80% of India’s population are of Hindu faith or believe in Dharma; this means that most everyone believes that by living virtuously, they will attain a higher level of being in their next life. In other words, even the poor men, women and children of India live happily, so try not to dwell on their poverty; they don’t. Arrive knowing that India is a different place and recognize it for its beautiful people, vibrant culture and exciting history
Bombay is another famous Indian city, and it is very child-friendly to boot. Nehru Science Planetarium and Centre is a good place to head, as well as the Children’s Science park, for hands-on, educational fun.

Ten Ways To Travel To Italy Without Breaking Your Piggy Bank

Italy offers a variety of efficient and inexpensive transport options.
The world famous Pisa Tower was built over a period of about 177 years. Soon after the construction started in 1173 the tower started to sink due to a poorly laid foundation and was left alone for almost a century. When the construction resumed the engineers built higher floors with one side taller than the other to compensate for the tilt and the tower was finally finished in the 2nd half of the 14th century. Since 2001, the famous tower in Pisa is again open to those wishing to climb it’s 296 steps.
The summer season (June to August) is scorching and dry while the winter season is known to be mild and foggy. If you are visiting Northern Italy such as cities of Bologna, Verona, Venice and Milan- spring season (April and May) is the perfect time for arriving at these destinations. You also get to be a part of Settimana della Cultura, which takes place annually in April. Southern Italy, on the other hand, encounters Mediterranean climate, which makes the region intolerable during summers. If you are looking for respite, it’s best to visit the mountains, forests and coastal areas of Italy.
Take a bus. Italy’s bus system offers a wide range of connections to Genoa from cities and towns all over the country. Additionally, international buses, especially those from the French Riviera offer service to Genoa. Eurolines operates buses throughout Europe that arrive in close by Milan; regional buses can take you the rest of the way to Genoa. Bus schedules can change frequently; check at the local bus station for the most up-to-date information.
One of Europe’s greatest medieval squares, the Piazza del Campo is the principal public space of the historic center of Siena , Tuscany. It is renowned worldwide for its beauty and architectural integrity. The Palazzo Pubblico and its famous tower, as well as various palazzi signorili belonging to the wealthiest of Siena families surround the shell-shaped piazza. The twice-per-year horse-race, Palio di Siena, involves circling the Piazza del Campo, on which a thick layer of dirt has been laid, three times and usually lasts no more than 90 seconds.
Eat like an Italian. Avoid restaurants near tourist attractions or in large piazzas. Look for eateries on small, narrow side streets. Even in the midst of downtown Florence’s historic center, I Due Fratellini, a favorite lunch stop for locals, is located just off the architectural marvel Orsanmichele. Stop a resident on the street and ask him where is his favorite place for lunch, ice cream or pizza. Italians have very strong opinions about food and they love to share them; you will probably find yourself personally escorted to a trattoria, introduced to the owner and treated as an honored guest.
Go to Italy amid the low season or the shoulder seasons – Italy’s high season, generally May through September, means costs on airfare (and different things) go far up. On the off chance that you visit amid the winter you can regularly discover genuine deals on flights, and in the shoulder seasons (March-April and October-November) arrangements are extremely great when the climate has a likelihood of being hotter than the winter months.
Fly into Italy by means of an alternate nation – As said above, flights to enormous center points in Europe, (for example, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Paris) are frequently less expensive than flights to Italy. In the event that you happen to locate an executioner arrangement on a flight to another city in Europe, you can then purchase a different ticket from that point to whatever city in Italy you need to be in – and you can then fly on one of the monetary allowance aircrafts in Italy which some of the time have extraordinarily low charges accessible. This oblige two particular schedules, as the two aircrafts don’t think about the other flight so you’ll need to gather any processed sacks at your first European stop and re-check them for the following leg, however in the event that the cost is correct the bother is small.

Day trip to the island of Fuerteventura from Lanzarote

 Enjoy a scenic round trip ferry cruise to the island See spectacular volcanic landscapes and idyllic villages on the island of Fuerteventura Explore picturesque villages such as Betancuria Traveling with a knowledgeable guide, and enjoy the food and wine (if the option is selected) What you can expect Walk along the golden sands of Fuerteventura Start your day trip with a pill from their meeting point of lanzarote, and travel in air-conditioned bus in Playa Blanca, on the south coast of the island. Board the ferry crossing for 30 minutes at Fuerteventura, an island basking in the sparkling Atlantic to the south. Your ferry ticket booking essential, so no need to wait in line at the port. Once on board, sit back and enjoy the view of the waves and Fuerteventura on the horizon. Reach Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura, where their boat docks. Your first stop is a restaurant for a tasty 3 course lunch (if option is selected) which may include crispy salad, delicious paella, fresh fruit, and fish, chicken or meat dish; Wash it all down with wine or water. Continue Pájara, a traditional village famous for its church of Our Lady of Regla, with two aisles and door carvings Aztec style. Walking to your liking and then head south of Corralejo, to Puerto del Rosario, the island’s capital. Continue with the spectacular National Park Fuerteventura. The view of this 6 miles (11 kilometers) extension giant sand dunes that merge in the aquamarine sea will have your camera working overtime! Then back to Corralejo and, after ferry crossing, end your tour with a drop in the meeting point.

How To Travel Alone To Europe

If you’re over 30, you stay away from the shelters, but not young people. Embrace the young and the old with the same enthusiasm.
Be spontaneous but structured. Having a lot of money and time, but be prepared to break it. Schedule two or three days not scheduled on a week-long trip; twice in a two weeks.
Finally, keep a journal and a sketchpad. Even if you are not so artistic, his impressions of the sites will stay with you much longer if you are not alone photographing them (especially with your smartphone).
Pack light, very light. It can happen in a pair of jeans, a pair of good pants, two pairs of shorts if it’s warm weather, a light jacket, a jacket, two necklaces and four pairs of earrings. You buy several memorable items of jewelry on their trips to Europe, and you’ll treasure them until the day he died. They do not have to be expensive: 10 euros those positions bronze heard you bought on the streets of Romania will remember the day I learned to like Sarmale. Make sure you bring a pair of excellent shoes, also known as tennis shoes, a pair of sandals, if it’s hot, and a pair of heels. You can use house slippers from the hotel.
Leave a copy of your passport at home in a place you remember, and you’ve told your best friend or roommate about. You need to be able to prove their identity if they end up in, well, do not see. 8.
Do not drink more than one drink on an empty stomach. You can have two at dinner. The last thing you want to do, ladies, is to get drunk and end up in a foreign jail or worse, in the arms of a crazy Italian who wants to present to his mother.travel,travel alone
Look your best, at least when you are leaving. This includes the hotel itself, especially when walking in the lounge / restaurant / bar downstairs. Single women who behave themselves, but seem impressive are a precious commodity. Just be sure to follow the advice # 8.
Investigate all flea markets and garage sales. You never know what you will find, from the time of World War II magazines to the precious memories of family and ceramic trinkets that would be worth a fortune in “Pawn Stars”.
Two words: extra underwear. Actually I’m not sure if this applies to married couples, families or large groups vacances, but maybe not think so. I am like one you’ll be running around a lot and not be able to find a laundry, and if you get stuck and have to buy them can cost 20 euros in District 3
Learn a little of the language. This applies, of course, to France, Spain, Austria, the Czech Republic and Norway, but also applies to the UK. Surprisingly, I was very confused many times with this common language, so read That’s a mannequin in the baby’s mouth and you’re on vacation, man!
So let’s say you enjoy your own company and you are introspective, which means, as the analysis of the day, sinking in a bathtub in his small Paris “shower” and giggling on the third glass of wine. Be aware of when you’ve spent too much time alone and need to return to that club or coffee shop and mingle with the locals. This is very common in Europe. Everyone wants to know where you are and wonder that you know the word for bathroom (fill in the blank) German Swedish / French /.
Do not travel alone, if you do not enjoy your own company if you are not the introspective type, or if you are not a great communicator. If the cat is always putting his tongue, if you can not get into a cocktail party without hitting a conversation, then yes, bring your best friend or your mother kitten.
Having taken five trips to Europe alone, I feel qualified to advise, so here you go:
Many people ask me how to travel alone, make me like it, it’s scary, and blah. Answers: Always fun and memorable, yes, and no. The scariest thing about traveling alone is sure to reach the airport on time, but that has nothing to do with being alone and everything to do with time management (married probably the worst, having to remember all those children, extra bags, strollers, and so on.)
If you’ve never been to Europe, or if this is your first trip with a passport, you are in luck. Everything you need to know about taking this trip it is written here in this article. Of course, I’m kidding.

KOH TAO: Xenophobia, and an Angry Fat Burmese Woman

Godspeed To A Mighty Balloon

“You walk alone, you watch out. I send someone. Someone will come for you! Stupid girl!”

Stunned, you drop the iPhone 5 charger onto the floor and back out of the shop. The Burmese manager of your apartment had tried to give it to you in exchange for the memory cards, earphones, and other miscellaneous items that had been stolen from your room. When you hadn’t accepted it, she had thrown it into your face and shoved you, playground style. You don’t even have an iPhone 5.

“Be careful alone, nah!” She calls out again as you leave. You can hear her continue to rage in Burmese to another woman in her shop, and you try to decide whether this overweight harpy with Thanaka face-paint half sweated off is a legitimate threat to you.

Probably not. She’s angry because you’re a rich falang and have no idea what it’s like…

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